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Yes, your wedding day is primarily a celebration of love between you and your partner, but there’s no question that it also doubles as a fashion show. Once you start making your way toward the altar and all eyes turn to you, your wedding dress will immediately be the star of the show, so you probably want to bring your A-game to the aisle. “Being a bride is such a major, momentous life event, and their look will be documented and remembered forever,” celebrity stylist Samantha Brown says. “They will be the center of attention that day, and it’s so important that they feel completely confident in their bridal style.” That's why, finding a design that captures your style, personality, and aesthetic is a huge priority. From the dress shopping experience to the getting-ready process, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to help you look and feel your best for your nuptials. And whether it’s getting your dress professionally steamed or bringing an extra pair of shoes, we've highlighted the best wedding fashion tips all brides need to know, according to bridal stylists. MEET THE EXPERT

  • Samantha Brown is a celebrity stylist based in New York City. She’s owned a boutique styling agency for 12 years and has a partnership with Bridal by Alexandria.

  • Michelle Hutchins is a freelance wardrobe stylist at MFH.Styles, with 10 years of experience in bridal styling.

  • Erika Plackowski is a bridal stylist based in Detroit, Michigan. She has been styling brides for three years and has over 10 years of experience in the fashion space.

  • Jackie Avrumson is a New York City-based bridal stylist and consultant with more than 20 years of bridal fashion experience.

How to Determine Your Bridal Style, According to an Expert Try on Multiple Dresses Even if you’ve had your dream wedding dress in mind since you were younger, Michelle Hutchins of MFH.Styles recommends perusing the bridal salon with an open mind. Instead of limiting yourself to one singular style, try on different gowns before making a final decision. By keeping your options open, you might realize you actually feel more comfortable in an A-line dress rather than a mermaid silhouette. Outside of the look and feel of an ensemble, Hutchins also suggests paying attention to how the fabric drapes, whether it wrinkles, and how much you’ll need to maintain it on your big day. Prioritize Timelessness Over Trends Of course, bridal fashion is largely a personal preference, but since trends come and go, bridal stylist Erika Plackowski advises opting for a classic look without a shelf life. By sticking with simple silhouettes and fabrics, you won’t regret your gown in the years following your nuptials. “Go with lace or satin,” she says. “They are timeless materials, so you can look back at your photos, and they won’t look dated." Find the Sweet Spot With Alterations According to bridal stylist Jackie Avrumson, the alteration process is where she sees some of the biggest wedding fashion mistakes. She'll often find that some brides don't have the budget to alter their dress—resulting in something that is ill-fitting—or that others will ask their seamstress to remove too much fabric for a figure-hugging look. “This can lead to the gown pulling and ripping, which will make you unhappy in your photos,” she notes. To avoid these mishaps, Avrumson suggests walking around and sitting down in the piece during your fitting, in order to double-check that the ensemble hugs you in all the right places without drowning or suffocating your body. Focus on the Bustle Although the bustle is a very important part of the look and function of your getup, wedding dresses typically aren't designed with this element. Instead, your seamstress will add buttons, hooks, or ribbons to your gown, so that you're able to adjust or "pin up" the train post-ceremony. It's also at the last appointment when Hutchins encourages brides to closely assess the bustle. “Have your mother, mother-in-law, or bridesmaids, at the final fitting, go over the bustle of the dress and study it or even videotape it,” she advises. “Some can be very tricky, and you want your dream dress to look flawless until the end of the evening.” Choose the Right Undergarments There’s nothing like a visible bra strap or gathered panty lines to ruin your whole look, which is why Hutchins notes that finding the right undergarments for your wedding dress will help you feel more confident and comfortable. However, it's important to note that what you choose to wear underneath your gown really depends on the style of your ensemble. For instance, a nude seamless thong is best for a slim-fitting piece, and silicone cups are well-suited for a backless design. If you're unsure of what to wear, ask a retail expert for their opinion, and don't forget to try on your undergarments with your dress ahead of the big day. Buy a Professional Steamer Wrinkles are another wedding day mishap that can interfere with your look (and your photos). Whether your dress forms creases in transit or while you’re sitting for an extended period of time, there’s a simple solution to these unwanted lines: a steamer. Avrumson encourages brides to invest in a professional garment steamer rather than a handheld one. “Professional steamers are more powerful and will steam out your dress and veil more efficiently,” she explains. “Not to mention, if held the wrong way, a steamer could leak water everywhere!” Use Accessories to Your Advantage From statement earrings to tennis bracelets, accessories are the perfect finishing touch that will tie your outfit together. Although there aren’t any tried-and-true rules to these supplemental pieces, Hutchins recommends keeping your neckline in mind. A beautiful necklace will add a statement to a strapless dress, and drop earrings will balance out a high-neck style. Accessorizing is also an excellent opportunity to personalize your look. Consider wearing an heirloom necklace for your “something borrowed” or don a bracelet with your initials engraved on it to make your outfit unique. Fill Up Your Emergency Kit No matter how much you prepare for your big day, unexpected circumstances are bound to happen. And in case something goes wrong with your dress, be sure to have an emergency kit stashed with essentials on hand. According to Avrumson, safety pins and a mini sewing kit will be a lifesaver if your dress rips and tears. She also recommends adding double-stick tape to keep everything in place. Another tip? Hutchins swears by hand sanitizer to remove makeup marks, whether it’s a smear of mascara or a smudge of bronzer. Pack Backup Shoes Since you’re going to spend all night on the dance floor, comfort is key. To prevent your shoes from killing you, bring another pair that you can change into after you’ve swapped vows. “My go-to is a platform wedge that offers height and comfort, but if you’re a flip-flop or sneaker bride, nobody will ever know the difference,” Brown shares. Bring Extra Layers Even if you aren’t getting married in the winter, your reception room might be overly air-conditioned, and the temperature will likely drop throughout the course of the evening. The last thing you want is to spend your big day shivering and unable to enjoy the moment, so be prepared by packing layers. “A shawl, a cape, a white leather jacket, or even a denim jacket is helpful to have on hand in case it’s chilly,” Brown says. How to Use TikTok as Your Personal Bridal Fashion Stylist

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