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How to Modify Your Wedding Dress Throughout the DayCreate multiple looks with just one gown.

Your wedding day is likely one of the biggest style moments in your lifetime. All eyes are on you and your fiancé as you walk down the aisle, exchange vows, and have your first dance. So, when it comes to choosing your wedding day attire, you want something that feels authentic to you and also can adapt to all the different activities you will take on during the day. Even if you are limiting yourself to purchasing just one dress or suit for festivities, they are plenty of ways you can adapt and accessories the piece to refresh your look.

"A bride should consider modifying their dress throughout the day to fit the festivities of the overall event," advises Charles Dieujuste, founder of the bridal brand Scorcesa. "There are a few moments to consider: Walking down the aisle, the first dance, getting 'jiggy' on the dance floor, and so forth."

Luckily, it doesn't even require any tailoring to switch up your style. "Some of my favorite modifications would be opting for a detachable train, removable sleeves, and straps," says Dieujuste. These easy additions can bring more drama for grand moments like walking down the aisle or add some fun to your reception look.

Want to learn how to approach finding your multiple wedding day looks? Read ahead for a few tips to get styling.

Work With Your Salon

Chat with your bridal salon to see if there are any additions in stock you can try along with your dress. Bridal designers often have items like gloves, trains, overskirts, sleeves, or toppers that are created to pair perfectly with their collections. These items can be added and removed easily so you can swap out your look seamlessly. If you are between a few dresses, it's great to get a full picture of what your look can be throughout the day before you commit to one style. It's also fun to try out items from different brands to find an ensemble that fits your vision best.

If you love a particular dress but can't find a style to pair with it in the salon, it's possible to work with a designer directly to customize your wedding look. Make sure to provide enough lead time for the designs, book a consultation with the brand, and come with a creative idea in mind. While it depends on the designer, understand that creating a bespoke look might come with a higher price tag as well.

Another way to be a bit more flexible with your wedding day look is opting out of wearing traditional dress. "Do consider bridal separates, [which] provide an opportunity for versatility and comfort," advises Dieujuste. Removing an overskirt to reveal pants, adding in a jacket, or swapping out for a shorter hemline can really allow you to get creative with your look as you move from event to event.

Work With Your Tailor

One modification almost every bride must approach is the bustle. As most wedding dresses come with a train, these are necessary to allow for movement later in the evening as you hit the dance floor. However, bustles aren't usually built into the designs you'll buy at the salon. Since they must be appropriately added in to fit your height, this requires a visit to a seamstress.

Not every bustle looks the same, either. You can work with your tailor to find a style that best fits the look you want. They can add in buttons, hooks, or ribbons to help adjust the length of your gown's train. While you won't need your seamstress on hand to bustle your dress on the day of, you will need some help. Ahead of the ceremony, make sure your planner or a trusted wedding party member learns how to apply your bustle style so you can transition to the next part of your wedding with ease.

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