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The Right Way to Get Sized for Wedding Dress Undergarments

Plus, tips on how to find the right pieces and general mistakes to avoid. By Jessica Booth

Updated on 11/22/22

PHOTO BY JULIA KAPTELOVAThere's no denying that, during a wedding, all eyes are usually focused on the bride's gown. While it's easy to get caught up on significant details like alterations, accessories, and hair and makeup, taking time to consider your undergarments is also essential. That's because what you choose to wear under your bridal dress can have a major impact on your overall look. Not only do you have to choose the right pieces and colors, but you also need to make sure that everything fits correctly. We are true believers that getting properly sized for your wedding dress underpinnings is worth your time, especially if you haven't been sized in a while. You'll likely be wearing your bra, underwear, and other intimate items all day long—for countless photos as well as hours of dancing—and they're not something that can easily get switched out if you feel uncomfortable throughout the night. Simply put, weddings are a celebratory time and what you choose to wear under your outfit plays a major role in how you're able to enjoy the day. With the expert advice of Sapna Palep, CEO of Journelle, we've detailed the best ways to get the perfect fit for wedding dress undergarments. Plus, tips on how to find the right pieces and general mistakes to avoid. MEET THE EXPERT Sapna Palep is the CEO of Journelle, the multi-brand retailer and leading online destination of luxury lingerie, with over 100 curated brands, known for helping customers find the perfect fit. Where and How to Get Sized If you ask around, we can bet that the vast majority of brides do not know the correct size of their bras or other pieces of underwear and shapewear. While some may have a general idea, they are oftentimes a few sizes off when it comes to the exact fit. And whether you think you're wearing the right bra size or not, getting sized takes only a few minutes and is worth it in the end. To get measured properly, your best bet is to head to a store that sells a vast majority of undergarments. The easiest option is to visit a department store like Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, or Macy's, or a local lingerie or bra shop that specializes in selling intimates. These retailers will likely have an in-store expert who can measure you and discuss your needs. What's more, it's also important to be precise with these specialists and advise them on any past pain points you've had when wearing specific undergarments. By being clear and concise, you will eliminate any future mishaps that can come up with wearing a style that is particularly uncomfortable for your body. Palep points out that bra sizing experts are trained to offer optimal help and recommendations on the best styles for your shape. "There are only positive benefits to knowing your true size and finding the best styles for you," she says. "The right foundations can make all the difference and set the stage for your dress." Should All Brides Get Sized? In short, yes: All brides should get sized for their wedding day undergarments. There's no harm in getting measured, even if you think you're wearing the correct dimensions. "This is not the occasion to guess your size or go with something that 'kind of' fits, or try to be the size you wish you were," Palep says. It's especially important to get sized if you're wearing a specialty brand you've never worn before. "Bra sizes do not necessarily equate across brands," Palep shares. "Some brands run large, some brands run small, and some stores may fit you in your 'sister size' because they do not actually have your true size in stock." How to Choose the Best Undergarment Pieces If you're going to get measured for your undergarments, you'll probably also end up picking out a few pieces to wear. So in order to make the most of the appointment, Palep suggests bringing along a picture of your wedding dress (even though you'll eventually have to try on everything together) in order for the sizing expert to see exactly what you should wear. She also notes that while you want to find something comfortable, it's also worth finding pieces that feel extra special. "A touch of unexpected lace, some sheer details, beautiful blue accents...never underestimate the power of well-fitting, special pieces that fit you, flatter you, and show your style," she adds. Wedding Dress Undergarments vs. Everyday Undergarments There's no rule that says you have to buy new undergarments for your wedding day. If you have a bra you absolutely love, a comfortable pair of panties you think would work well, or shapewear you're really into, then, by all means, wear them. If you want or feel like you need something new, though, you may want to opt for a few brand new pieces. "For one of the most special times in your life, you want to be sure you have the right foundation pieces that you can wear comfortably all day (and night), but it shouldn't be your everyday bra and bottoms," shares Palep. In this case, searching for bridal undergarments, or pieces that specifically work well for wedding dresses, will be the best route to take. Undergarment Sizing Mistakes to Avoid The biggest sizing mistake you'll want to avoid? "Never try to squeeze into something that isn't your correct size," Palep says. "Don't try to make something work that isn't quite right." She further notes that the bra, bottoms, and lingerie you ultimately choose should be "special, comfortable, make you feel good about yourself, and work with your dress." Be sure to also avoid undergarments that have to constantly be adjusted, tucked in, loosened, or shifted around. "You don't want to be in anything that digs in, pokes you, feels too tight, creates weird bumps and bulges, or makes a double boob pop over the top of your dress," Palep says. "The foundations you choose should be doing their job to feel good on you, so you can enjoy yourself and smile for all those pictures." Getting sized won't take long, and will not only make your wedding night more comfortable but will also make the rest of your dress shopping experience easier.

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